NEU338 - Animal Learning and Decision Making: Psychological, Computational and Neural Perspectives 

A seminar aiming to provide a modern, integrative view of classic animal learning phenomena from experimental psychology, through the lens of contemporary learning theory, computational models of learning and decision making, and current neuroscientific knowledge. 

NEU259 - Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience

An introduction to cognitive brain functions, including higher perceptual functions, attention and selective perception, systems for short- and long-term memory, language, cerebral lateralization, motor control, executive functions of the frontal lobe, cognitive development and plasticity. 

NEU425 - Neuroeconomics

This seminar focuses on the recent explosion of interest in understanding the neural basis of valuation and decision making, and the resulting marriage between the formal rigor of economics and the empirical basis of psychology and neuroscience, termed "neuroeconomics". Major topics include: decision under risk and uncertainty; the role of learning in evaluating options; choice mechanisms; and multiplayer interactions and social decision making.