This page contains links to original data from experiments run at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. These data are available to others for educational purposes. If they are used in publications, please cite the source of the data by indicating the published reference and the address of this website.

Y Niv, R Daniel, A Geana, SJ Gershman, YC Leong, A Radulescu & RC Wilson (2015) - Reinforcement learning in multidimensional environments relies on attention mechanisms - The Journal of Neuroscience. 35(21), 8145-8157. [pdf][data][data readme]

Y Niv, J Edlund, P Dayan, JP O'Doherty (2012) - Neural prediction errors reveal a risk-sensitive reinforcement learning process in the human brain - The Journal of Neuroscience. 32(2), 551-562. [pdf][data][data readme]