Research in the Niv lab focuses on the neural and computational processes underlying reinforcement learning and decision-making. We study the ongoing day-to-day processes by which we learn from trial and error, without explicit instructions, to predict future events and to act upon the environment so as to maximize reward and minimize punishment. In particular, we are interested in how attention and memory processes interact with reinforcement learning to create representations that allows us to learn to solve new tasks so efficiently. [read more]


January 2020: Congratulations to Sarah DuBrow (former postdoc, now faculty at U Oregon) on winning a prestigious Sloan Fellowship! Woohoo!

December 2019: Farewell to Mingbo Cai, who is heading to the University of Tokyo to start his own lab! Good luck!!!

November 2019: Congratulations to Reka Daniel on the acceptance of her postdoc paper to the Journal of Neuroscience -- you are a hero for seeing this work to the finish line, even after you left the lab!

August 2019: Congratulations to Nina Rouhani on her receipt of the 2019 Trainee Professional Development Award from the Society for Neuroscience!

June 2019: Congratulations to Nico Schuck and Yael on their paper Sequential replay of nonspatial task states in the human hippocampus, published in Science! [Scientific American] [New Scientist]

May 2019: Congratulations to Dr. Yuan Chang Leong for defending his thesis at Stanford!

May 2019: Congratulations to Mingbo Cai for accepting a faculty position at The University of Tokyo!

May 2019: Congratulations to Mingyu Song and Sam Zorowitz for being awarded travel fellowships to RLDM2019!

April 2019: Congratulations to Angela Radulescu on her paper in Current Opinion in Neurobiology!

April 2019: Congratulations to Daniel Bennett on his paper in JAMA Psychiatry!

March 2019: Congratulations to Angela Radulescu on her paper in Trends in Cognitive Sciences!

February 2019: Congratulations to Mingyu on her paper in Nature Human Behavior!

July 2018: We are happy to welcome Sam Zorowitz to the Niv Lab!

June 2018: Congratulations to Yael for being named a recipient of the Graduate Mentoring Award!

Spring 2018: Congratulations to Melissa Sharpe for accepting a position at UCLA, Sarah DuBrow for accepting a position at U Oregon and Eran Eldar for accepting a position at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem!