Publications by Author: Barch, Deanna M.

Kurth-Nelson, Z., O'Doherty, J. P., Barch, D. M., Denève, S., Durstewitz, D., Frank, M. J., Gordon, J. A., et al. (2016). Computational Approaches for Studying Mechanisms of Psychiatric Disorders. In Computational Psychiatry . The MIT Press. PDFAbstract
Vast spectra of biological and psychological processes are potentially involved in the mechanisms of psychiatric illness. Computational neuroscience brings a diverse toolkit to bear on understanding these processes. This chapter begins by organizing the many ways in which computational neuroscience may provide insight to the mechanisms of psychiatric illness. It then contextualizes the quest for deep mechanistic understanding through the perspective that even partial or nonmechanistic understanding can be applied productively. Finally, it questions the standards by which these approaches...